Radio Interview Training

fill-1There are now hundreds of commercial and community stations, all with “air time” to fill, so there’s a huge opportunity for media-savvy businesses and organisations with good spokespeople to reach a huge audience.

There are also many different types of radio interview, from the “down-the-line” to the panel discussion, and each one requires specific training.

Whatever the style of interview, the best interviewees understand that radio is the most “visual” medium. We’ll show you how to make your interviews “come alive” and resonate with listeners.

We will help you:

mini-tickconvey your messages

mini-ticktake more control

mini-tickcreate powerful soundbites

mini-tickunderstand the different demands of live/recorded interviews

mini-tickhandle tough questions

mini-tickdeal with different types of presenter

mini-tickcope with callers and other guests in panel discussions.

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