Press Interview Training

fill-1Most interviewees will never go on Newsnight or Watchdog – they’re much more likely to be interviewed by a national, regional or local newspaper, or perhaps a trade magazine. These require a very different approach to coping with a “grilling” on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme!

Few media trainers will ever show you what can result from a print interview training scenario, but we do. Before the end of the session you’ll see your interview written up into a printed article, so you can understand which of your quotes were used and why. It’s usually the biggest surprise and most valuable lesson of the day!

You’ll discover:

mini-tickwhat makes news (it’s not always what you might think)

mini-tickhow to prepare for different publications, from daily newspapers to trade journals

mini-tickhow to take control of the interview

mini-tickhow to handle tricky questions

mini-tickwhat “off the record” really means

mini-tickwhether you should ever say “no comment”

mini-tickwhat to do if a journalist mis-quotes you.

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