Crisis Media Training

fill-1There’s nothing the media like more than a crisis. Reporters cover them every day, but for you it’s likely to be completely unexpected and definitely unwanted.

But the good news is there’s a lot you can do to prepare and it’s even possible to come through a crisis with an enhanced reputation.

In a risk-free environment we’ll take you through a series of very realistic role-play exercises – in “real-time” if you choose – to show you how to handle anything from the “media scrum,” to a major press conference, to a barrage of phone calls from journalists, who will all tell you they need a response….and they need it “now!”

Depending on your budget, this can include using top TV and radio studios, as well as broadcast crews, to give a real insight into how an unfolding crisis might feel.

You’ll learn:

mini-tickto assess the crises your organisation might face

mini-tickwhat preparation key staff can undertake well in advance

mini-tickwho should be in the crisis management team

mini-tickhow to create credible key messages and holding statements


what can turn a drama into an opportunity

mini-tickwhich businesses and organisations have got it right…and wrong!

mini-tickhow to conduct a post-crisis assessment.

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